If you think that you might feel at home at the Nuko house but you are a little too big to come



Maybe together we can make the house bring joy to you too?

Our houses are eager to aid your business. They can live in...

...Internet or stationary shop so that by selling Nuko products you could help your revenue

grow and make your offer stand out against competition, your kindergarten or nursery school to aid you in your daily work,

...your playroom to enrich its equipment with non-banal toys,

...your cafes or restaurant to attract parents with children,

...your clinic or hospital to bring a little joy to small patients at this difficult time,

...your stationary shop – no matter if you sell clothes, books or tiles – make shopping time

fun for parents and children alike and not a struggle for survival, any place you dare to dream of.

You have other ideas for interesting collaboration? We shall be glad to get to know you and

your ideas!

Write to us to or call: 605560613

Anna and Agata