Execution time, delivery, complaints

Execution time

Completing your order is our favourite nuko-activity.

Many of our products are made to order. That is why the order execution time is fourteen days. 

On each occasion, however, we do our best to ship the Goods as soon as possible.

We promise that if only we manage to complete your order earlier, we shall call for the courier immediately.

It is sometimes so that you need something right away! Call us. Maybe we can think of

something together, maybe we will stretch things or use extra hands.


It is a pity we cannot delivers your order personally but maybe there wil be another

opportunity to meet.

So far we know Mr. Courier well.

Delivery cost depend on country of delivery  


If you want to return Goods, it is no problem.

Write to us within 14 days of the parcel’s receipt to the e-mail address: hello@nukohome.com

Address for returns:

Agata Kamińska

ul. Rusałek 21

05-540 Zalesie Górne

tel: 605560613


We do our best to bring nuko-products to perfection. However, if something is not OK, write

to us: hello@nukohome.com